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about 1 year ago
Games Day 24/11/19


Make sure to join the server ready for a 13:00 EST start. Today's event is Hide And Seek. At random, someone will be chosen as a seeker while everyone hides at spawn. When found, the player joins the seekers team until there is just one hider left. 



No flying

No invisibility potions

No xray

No bribing the events manager





about 1 year ago
Games Day 16/11/19

At 1pm EST, a warp will be created to the event map. There will be two teams - red and blue. Each will have a generator which spawns iron to be spent on weapons and armour etc.

The wall will fall and the first to capture the other teams flag wins. After three rounds, the best team will receieve a prize.

You won't be allowed your own items during the event.



about 1 year ago
Re: #Suggestions - Events

The idea is relatively simple: each week (most likely a Saturday or Sunday) there is a get-together of the community to participate in an event, hosted by a designated Event Organiser. The event will last for approximately an hour, and at the end the winner will receive an exclusive prize (whatever is decided for that week.)

Link to a list of ideas:

Any more ideas, please reply to this thread.

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