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Official Servers Rules
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29 Aug 2019
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05 Apr 2020

Server Rules

Senior Management Team - refers to Owners and Admins

You - refers to the reader

We - refers to the server

  1. All Discord rules apply on the main server

    1. No NSFW content allowed

    2. Advertising is not allowed

    3. Swearing is allowed, but within reason

    4. Bullying others is not tolerated

    5. Keep conversations in their designated channels (Example: reporting bugs in #bug-report)

    6. Do not spam especially staff, once is plenty or emergencies

      1. We consider spam as the following:
        1. Repeating the same message within a short space of time
        2. Breaking up words in a sentence into individual / short messages
        3. Excessively using the same character
          1. Example: Use "?" instead of "????"
        4. Repeating yourself excessively in chat
    7.  Only chat in English (

    8. Use common sense

    9. Bending rules is not tolerated

  2. Griefing is not allowed at all

    1. All mobs brought into spawn will be killed

    2. If you are trusted in a claim you may not grief or steal

    3. If a base is unclaimed, do not steal or grief

    4. Bringing mobs into spawn or any claimed area will be classed as griefing without permission

    5. Putting shops on people's chests in order to lock them is considered griefing
  3. Abusing keep inventory is not allowed

    1. You cannot kill yourself for things such as hunger as it takes away from the main aspect of the server

  4. Do not make traps

    1. In this case, it will be considered exploiting

    2. Using traps to bypass PVP blockers is not allowed

    3. Traps may not be used to intentionally upset a player or players

  5. Do not create machines that cause server lag

    1. If you do build a lag machine we will take the action of an immediate ban

    2. Lag machines are strictly prohibited, do not build them

  6. Do not argue with staff

    1. Staff decision is final if you have an issue contact a member of the Senior Management Team

  7. Inappropriate comments are not allowed

    1. Racism

    2. Sexism

    3. Sexual Comments

    4. Harassment

    5. Excessive profanity

    6. This includes all of the following:

    7. This is decided by the judgement of staff

  8. Scamming is not allowed

    1. In-game scamming is strictly not allowed under any circumstance

    2. IRL scams will not be reviewed by staff if you are scammed through the server IRL contact the place you were scammed through such as PayPal or Venmo

  9. Allowed Modifications:

    1. Optifine

    2. 5zig

    3. Minimap mods - must not show caves or mobs

    4. Schematica / Litematica - must not use printer
  10. Your nickname 

    1. These colors can mess with certain peoples vision

    2. Your nick must contain 3 letters of your IGN in a row so players can easily tell who you are

    3. Your nickname cannot contain color codes &1 and &0

  11. Using a VPN to vote is not allowed

  12. Using alternate accounts is not allowed

  13. Hacking is not allowed at all.
    1. We consider "Hacking" to be anything that would gain an advantage over other players who do not have access, or do not want to use, the clients, resource pack or any other modification that is involved. Some examples of hacking are, but not limited too: The use of a modified or "hacked" client, the use of mods that gain an advantage e.g. ESP mods, AutoClickers, X-Ray in any form, etc




You are playing at your own risk, Lazurite MC takes no responsibility for any upset or harm caused by the server


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