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Carnival Crate, Cosmetics, and Server Resource Pack
Started by Tonus_



29 Aug 2019
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29 Dec 2020

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well! I've got some news for you which all revolves around the new seasonal crate: The Carnival Crate!

Carnival Crate

This crate is actually different in a few ways from previous seasonal crates, which I'll be sure to cover here:

  • The chance calculations for the rewards are now category based. Before, the points for rewards would be added up and a multiplier would be made so all the points converted to chances that add up to 100. Now, there are common, uncommon, and rare items where the points of a reward are only compared to that group. Commons make up 60% of the crate, 25% are uncommon, and the remaining 15% are rare. Hopefully this can ensure some better odds to get the better items!
  • Tags will now be the rarest rewards in seasonal crates, that way you'll really feel like you're showing off something in chat.
  • The key for this crate will not be included in the drops for the key pickaxes! The key pickaxes will remain the same for now, until I implement the features that will replace the pickaxes. When they are replaced, you will be able to exchange your pickaxes back down to shards.
  • Finally, powerful gear will not be in futute seasonal crates. Instead, it will be custom modeled "joke items" or cosmetics


Cosmetics are custom 3D modeled items that will mostly act as hats. Currently there is one for staff members and two carnival themed cosmetics that can be unlocked through the Carnival Crate. If you want to see these cosmetics, you will need to accept the server resource pack. If you decline and change your mind, edit the server in your server list and enable server resource packs. Otherwise, these cosmetics will just look like feathers! More will be added in the future and may not be just for crates, so stay tuned!

Server Resource Pack

I've debated having an actual server resource pack on the server and have decided that it's time to see what we can do with one. There was a resource pack made by Dino and jdsmagic, but this pack does not contain anything from that pack. You are still more than welcome to download and use that pack, but the goal of this one is to offer more features to the server and be something that can be used without Optifine, which the other pack relied heavily on. Right now you have the option to decline the pack, but I encourage you to enable it and see what it currently offers. More will be added to it in the future!

I really enjoyed working on the 3D models for this crate and I hope you do enjoy them! I recently started working and will soon be diving back into school, so progress on future updates may be even slower than what it's been lately. However, I still intend on making updates for the server and I hope you'll enjoy what they will have to offer!

Until then, I'll see you all later,

~ Tonus

Tonus_ · 5 months ago