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Easter Sale & Easter Crate Preview
Started by Tonus_



29 Aug 2019
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29 Dec 2020

Hello everyone, got some more news for all of you! Since Easter is approaching, we figured we should start up a sale and start preparing a new seasonal crate! After all, it's no longer winter...

Easter Sale

For this sale, all of theĀ regular ranks will be 20% off, keys will be 30% off, and everything else, aside from the monthly rank, will be 40% off! This sale will start tomorrow (3/30/20) and end after Sunday, April 12th.. or at least it should automatically do this. Since the Easter crate is not ready yet, this is the last sale the Winter crate will have, so be sure to act on it! Speaking of the Easter crate...

Easter Crate Preview

I'm happy to inform all of you that most of the crate is complete! However, we are still working on a few of the items. We intend on having it ready while the sale is running so all of you will have a chance of getting some keys for it at a discount. In the meantime, here is a preview of the crate's contents:

Easter Crate Contents

Thanks for reading, hope all of you are doing good during this period of time we are all in, and hope to see all of you later!

- LazuriteMC Staff Team

Tonus_ · 10 months ago