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1.15 Update, Resource World, and Future
Started by Tonus_



29 Aug 2019
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29 Dec 2020

Hello, everyone! I've come back from the dead and I am here to give you some exciting news!


1.15.2 Update

Tonight, the server went through a brief server maintenance to be updated to 1.15.2. This does not mean, however, that the main overworld, nether, or end have been reset. This means that you will no longer be able to join with clients that are below 1.15.2. This was done because support was dropped for 1.14.4, server performance should be slightly better, and all of you will be able to access the new mobs, blocks, and other new mechanics. How will you get the new mobs and blocks you ask? The world that was reset was the resource world.


Resource World

To allow all of you to access what 1.15 has to bring, we have reset the resource world so you can gather all the new resources and bring them to the main world. This allows us to keep the main world all of you have put your time into and make this update beneficial to you, the players.


The Future

As many of you know, Dino has had to put his time towards school and I have had to for the most part, the rest of my spare time has not been spent on the server. I feel bad for neglecting the server for so long and that is why I'm kicking things off with the update to 1.15. I have no intentions to close the server as of right now and I do want to continue work on the server, but maybe not at a pace that will burn me out. I do have plenty of ideas for the server, but if any of you have some, please feel free to share here on the forums or on our Discord!


Thank you all for sticking around on the server and I'll see you all later!

Tonus_ · 10 months ago · Last edited: 10 months ago