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End of November Roundup
Started by Dinoosawruss



29 Aug 2019
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05 Apr 2020

Wow! The end of Lazurite’s fourth month has come. November is over and the Christmas season has started!


 I’d first like to start this months Roundup thanking the community for such an amazing month. This month Lazurite has seen a huge boost in player activity, especially in the last few weeks. It really has been a brilliant, progressive, community building month for the server as a whole, and we really couldn’t have achieved such an outstanding increase in player base without everyone who already played of has recently begun playing the server, I speak for the entire team when I say that your continued support is really what drives us to make this server the best we can. 


I’d also like to thank various people. First of all, Lots, this month Lots has helped to organize two great events that while they may not have run particularly smoothly due to unforeseen issues have been enjoyable nevertheless. I’d also like to thank Durc for his amazing contributions in building the Christmas spawn throughout this month that will be making an appearance at some point today. Finally, I’d like to thank bear and congratulate her on becoming a helper, it’s not an easy task to step up to but so far this month she’s achieved that brilliantly. 


Now all that’s over! Back to the usual layout:


Vote Top

1st - RiskyHugs (72 Votes)

2nd - CUTE_OWL1 (68 Votes)

3rd - RiskyRobin (67 Votes)

Votes are extremely helpful to help the server grow and we thank you very much, you will be contacted about your rewards shortly. 


Top Donators

1st - RiskyHugs ($33.93)

2nd - DemonMJ, ($25.50)

3rd - ForgedFromFire ($25.00)

We also received other donations but I have decided to display the Top 3. Donations are also extremely helpful they help fund and support the development of the server and keep the server running, thank you to all our donors.



ImmortalEndinq (Lapis Patreon)

Dakotabluewulf (Gold Patreon)

Patreon helps the server grow and develop, it allows us to not only fund the growth of the server but also supplies us with a more stable income allowing us to ensure that we can keep the server alive!

If you are interested in becoming a patreon and pledging some money each month please go to:


Finally, I’d just like to thank everyone again for your continued, undivided support, you really do allow us to do what we love. To us no matter if you’re a patreon, have donated or even just play when you have the time it really does mean the world to see that people have fun playing something you created and are able to express themselves freely in a community they enjoy being in. We really can’t thank every player enough! 


Thank you for your continued support,

LazuriteMC Staff Team

Dinoosawruss · 6 months ago