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Carnival Crate, Cosmetics, and Server Resource Pack
5 months ago

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well! I've got some news for you which all revolves around the new seasonal crate: The Carnival Crate!

Carnival Crate

This crate is actually different in a few ways from previous seasonal crates, which I'll be sure to cover here:

  • The chance calculations for the rewards are now category based. Before, the points for rewards would be added up and a multiplier would be made so all the points converted to chances that add up to 100. Now, there are common, uncommon, and rare items where the points of a reward are only compared to that group. ...
PvP Arena, Daily Quest Change, and More
7 months ago

Hello everyone, I got a new addition to the server as well as a few changes!

First off, thank you to everyone who took the time to give their feedback on the survey. The winner of the $10 store credit is jdsmagic! You can click here to see how the winner was picked. If the winner does not accept the credit a day after sending them a message on Discord, the winner will be rerolled.

PvP Arena

Since a few of you have been suggesting this, I finally got around to adding one to spawn! You can do /warp pvp to get there, or go to the left side of spawn ...

New Vote Crate, In-Game Rank Rework, & More..?
9 months ago

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing well and keeping your sanity! I think I've been loosing mine...

Before getting into the news, I regret to inform you all that Dino is no longer an owner of Lazurite, in case you were not already aware. It's unfortunate to see him leave the project behind, but we should all respect his decision and keep moving forward with the server.

With that out of the way, lets get into the news!

New Vote Crate

The vote crate has been redone to add some more exclusive items to it, includi...

Easter Sale & Easter Crate Preview
10 months ago

Hello everyone, got some more news for all of you! Since Easter is approaching, we figured we should start up a sale and start preparing a new seasonal crate! After all, it's no longer winter...

Easter Sale

For this sale, all of the regular ranks will be 20% off, keys will be 30% off, and everything else, aside from the monthly rank, will be 40% off! This sale will start tomorrow (3/30/20) and end after Sunday, April 12th.. or at least it should automatically do this. Since the Easter cr...

1.15 Update, Resource World, and Future
10 months ago

Hello, everyone! I've come back from the dead and I am here to give you some exciting news!


1.15.2 Update

Tonight, the server went through a brief server maintenance to be updated to 1.15.2. This does not mean, however, that the main overworld, nether, or end have been reset. This means that you will no longer be able to join with clients that are below 1.15.2. This was done because support was dropped for 1.14.4, server performance should be slightly better, and all of you will be able to access the new mobs, blocks, and other new mechanics. How will you get the new mobs and blocks you ask? The world that was re...

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