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1.15 Update, Resource World, and Future
14 days ago

Hello, everyone! I've come back from the dead and I am here to give you some exciting news!


1.15.2 Update

Tonight, the server went through a brief server maintenance to be updated to 1.15.2. This does not mean, however, that the main overworld, nether, or end have been reset. This means that you will no longer be able to join with clients that are below 1.15.2. This was done because support was dropped for 1.14.4, server performance should be slightly better, and all of you will be able to access the new mobs, blocks, and other new mechanics. How will you get the new mobs and blocks you ask? The world that was re...

Christmas Sale
3 months ago

End of November Roundup
4 months ago

Wow! The end of Lazurite’s fourth month has come. November is over and the Christmas season has star...

Games Day 24/11/19
4 months ago


Make sure to join the server ready for a 13:00 EST start. Today's event is Hide And Seek. At random, someone will be chosen as a seeker while everyone hides at spawn. When found, the player joins the seekers team until there is just one hider left. 



No flying

No invisibility potions

No xray

No bribing the events manager





End of October Roundup
5 months ago



This time has come again... The end of Spooktober! this means that various a...

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